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Custom Labelling Solutions

Since 1991, Durolenz has been providing innovative labelling solutions that withstand even the harshest environments. 

Every label we create is the result of decades of experience and expertise, ensuring results that exceed your expectations. 

Domed Labels & Stickers

Our domed labels and stickers provide a tactile and visual appeal that helps your brand stand out in your market.

The Durolenz team will work with you to design and manufacture a label solution that meets your brand requirements and looks new for years to come.

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Asset Management

Durolenz provides custom solutions for tracking and management of valuable assets for the defence and the health sectors.

Through fit-for-purpose labelling solutions, we facilitate efficient asset utilisation, maintenance, and management, safeguarding continuity and compliance in these critical environments.

Laser Cutting & Etching

Transform ordinary items into exceptional badging and promotional pieces using Durolenz's laser cutting and etching solutions.

We can fashion your mark on various mediums, crafting unique, high-quality, compelling visual narratives seamlessly blending functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Laser Cutting & Etching
Sketch Car Design.jpg

Custom Design Services

Our expert graphic designers can transform your vision into reality through innovative, solution-oriented design solutions.

Collaborative consultation ensures that every step is finely crafted, creating a cohesive and resonant visual identity across your product range.

Fit-for-purpose Solutions

At Durolenz, we don’t just provide products; we deliver solutions that meet the essence of your brief.

Our experienced team collaborates with you to identify, design, and implement bespoke solutions that address your unique challenges, including those you may be unaware of.

Fit-for-purpose Solutions
Industrial Printing Services

Industrial Printing Services

Our industrial printing services utilise cutting-edge technology to deliver impeccable product aesthetics consistently.

Catering to both small runs and large-scale productions, we ensure every job is an effective and impactful visual communication for your brand.

Industries We Work With

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