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Asset Management

Our tracking and traceability labels increase accuracy, enhance security and ensure supply chain compliance. 

We can work with you to create solutions that deliver efficient asset utilisation, maintenance, and management.


Custom Tracking and Traceability Label Solutions

As you look to gain efficiencies and accuracy across your supply chain, tracking and traceability labels become an essential feature of your assessment management strategy.

Smart Technology

Our traceability technology extends beyond physical labels to incorporate print and digital media to improve the brand experience. 

Durolenz's Smart Beacon technology, Durologic, delivers modern, integrated and consistent brand experiences—across all channels—with no trade-off in media capabilities, presentation or design.

Leverage personalised QR codes and leading web technologies and tools to create responsive, mobile-friendly emails, landing sites, and single-page applications, all fully integrated with Durologic labels.

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Asset Tagging

Tags can be applied to fixed and moving assets spread across multiple locations to track each asset in real time.

This holistic view delivers benefits, including:

●    Accurate inventory records for capacity planning
●    Quickly locate and move products on demand
●    Clear manufacturing origins for quality control
●    Real-time location data and predicted arrival times 
●    Increased security and reduced stock losses.
●    Enhanced compliance with supply chain traceability 

Traceability Labels

We create quality tracking and traceability labels and data plates that can be used to identify products, components, parts and inventory in industrial settings.


Our traceability labels can incorporate important information such as:

●    Product names
●    Serial numbers
●    Barcodes
●    Lot numbers 
●    Manufacturing dates

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Industries We Work With

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