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Wall Art, Wallpapers & Murals

Durolenz's wall art decals and wallpaper have been the interior design industry’s preferred choice for many years.

We can help you activate your space with high-quality solutions such as our 
re-positional adhesive fabric.


Quality Wall Art Solutions For Corporate or Interior Design Clients

Whether you are looking for self-adhesive wall decals to elevate an office environment without damaging paint or plaster or a full wall mural to tell a powerful story, Durolenz can create a solution to meet your objectives.

Durolenz can work with interior designs or the client directly, to ensure your project runs smoothly, regardless of the project size or complexity. 


Quality, Precision and Customisation

Durolenz takes precision and high-quality craftsmanship to unparalleled heights in the realm of customised wall art and products, with offerings that extend from full wall murals and intricate wallpapers to meticulously designed mural papers and self-adhesive decals. Each creation is an eloquent expression of your space, ensuring that every inch of your environment speaks to your audience, enveloping them in a visually stunning narrative that both entices and engages. Our products are not merely visual enhancements but narrative threads that seamlessly weave your brand's story through every space they adorn.

Proudly collaborating with some of Australia's leading interior designers, Durolenz ensures that every piece is a harmonious blend of innovative design and impeccable quality. Our alliances with these esteemed professionals enable us to continuously elevate our offerings, combining our manufacturing prowess with their creative genius to produce unparalleled custom wall art and products that not only define spaces but also establish them as indelible landmarks in the minds of every observer, weaving an unbreakable bond between aesthetic, function, and narrative.

Product Snapshot

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Why Partner with Durolenz?

  • Expand your offering - Diversify your product range and boost your online sales. With Durolenz, you can effortlessly add custom wall decals and wallpaper to your online store.

  • Efficient and easy inventory management - Say goodbye to inventory management hassles. Durolenz offers efficient blind shipping solutions, ensuring your products reach your customers' doorsteps promptly and professionally. Outsourcing this process means less stress and more time spent creating designs that customers love.

  • Endless design possibilities - Provide your customers with the ability to personalise their spaces with your stunning designs. Our in-house, fully qualified graphic designers can help you create endless design possibilities.

  • Outstanding support - Our dedicated support team is here to assist you at every stage, from integrating our services into your online store to answering your questions promptly.

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