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Beer Tap Tops | 3D Beer Decals

Durolenz is a leading tap top supplier to the Australian hospitality industry.

Our diverse range of tap tops, tap decals and tap holders can meet any brand's requirements. 


Elevate Your Image at The Bar With Our Tap Tops, Decals & Tap Holders

As a leading supplier to the Australian hospitality industry, Durolenz has been producing high-quality custom spirits, cider, wine and beer tap tops for major brands and craft breweries across Australia since 1991.

We will help you stand out with an unrivalled point-of-sale solution using the highest quality materials and production methods.

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We produce Australian made beer tap signs, labels, badges and beyond. From full colour printing and high gloss finishes to a range of shapes and sizes completely customisable to your needs, our custom designed beer decals tick all the boxes. When you work with us, you’re guaranteed the following:

  • Unique point of sale benefits

  • Tough and hardwearing materials

  • Adhesive backing that is durable and permanent

  • Easy to apply – simply peel from the backing sheet and stick in position

  • Quick turnaround on all orders

  • No minimum quantity

  • Value for money

Product Snapshot

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Premium Beer Decal Designs

Get your brand noticed at the tap, with consistency, quality and durability. Our custom beer decals are incredibly tough and hard wearing, without compromising on aesthetic appeal.


DuroCore tap top decals can be cut to virtually any shape and size, and are backed by a 72mm diameter adhesive disc, meaning they fit into standard tap top holders too.


All your vibrant graphic designs can be printed on to metallic gold, chrome silver, black or white backgrounds, and are enhanced by the Durolenz 2mm thick, ultra-clear surface coating to deliver a 3D, premium appearance.


Use your imagination without limitation and create beer tap handles in Australia that will give you the wow-factor to outperform your competition.

Premium Tap Decals & Domed Label Solutions

Need help to grab and sustain consumer attention in the competitive cider and beer markets? Our custom resin domed labels level up your branding and ensure your products pop at the point of sale.

As pioneers in the niche label industry, we deliver 100+ years of combined staff expertise into every custom resin cider and beer tap decal we make. We know exactly what works and use only the finest raw materials to create extraordinary products that capture attention. 

Our automotive-grade, ultra-clear, glossy surface coating will magnify your brand, protect it for a lifetime and provide that extra sparkle to outshine your competitors. We also make tap tops and decals out of timber, metal and bamboo in any shape or size you need. We even make 3D decals!

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