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Corporate & Promotional ID

Durolenz has a long history of supplying the corporate and promotional ID industries with high-quality branding solutions.

We can help you ensure impactful, memorable promotional and ID materials that resonate with target audiences.


Experience & Expertise Serving The Corporate & Promo ID Industry

Durolenz is uniquely positioned to support the needs of the corporate and promo ID industry.

From vibrant office wall decals to sleek metal name badges and everything in between, we seamlessly merge durability with aesthetic appeal to ensure you have a product that lasts a lifetime.

Name Badge hero shot.jpg
High-Quality Printing

Our printing capabilities encompass skilled techniques and premium materials, catering to unique needs.

These include UV printing (flatbed and roll-to-roll), solvent printing, high- and low-volume printing, and vibrant colours.

Key Rings & Key Tags
Key Tags.jpg

All our key rings and key tags are double-sided and can be loaded with a QR Code or Information Chip, which can link to any URL of your choice.

Add your custom logo, or other details to stand out from your competition.

Domed Label Signage

You might wonder if there is a difference between a resin-domed sticker, label, decal, and badge. No. All these names describe the same product!

They can also be called 3D dome stickers, epoxy lens badges, and other names.

Company Branding

Our talented designers are proficient in transforming concepts into compelling visual elements.

Whether you have a clear idea or need assistance, concept development is our area of expertise.

Name Badges

Our printed badges are versatile and durable, available in various shapes, sizes, colours and backings.

From classic pin designs to magnetic name badges, every item is expertly made from premium materials.

Office Wall Design

Are you an interior designer or an online store looking to print and sell wallpaper and wall art decals?

Transform your concepts into reality with our custom wallpaper and wall decal printing and dropshipping service. 


Our Corporate & Promo ID Expertise

Durolenz has established itself as a preferred supplier for the corporate and promo ID sector through a longstanding reputation for quality, responsiveness and reliability.

We are acutely aware of our role in delivering on our clients' promises to their customers. We are committed to ensuring your project runs smoothly from initial concept to product delivery.

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