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Domed Labels, 3D Resin Stickers & Decals

Durolenz uses the most durable, high-quality materials to ensure your domed labels, decals, and stickers last a lifetime.

With premium resin doming, we can help give your brand a premium edge in the market. 


Shine Bright Like a Diamond With Pioneering Doming Technology

Durolenz creates durable domed labels, stickers, and decals that capture attention. Our automotive-grade, ultra-clear, and glossy surface coating is eye-catching, tactile and long-lasting in the harshest environments.

From garage doors to key tags, promotional products, household appliances and more, we create gel badges, labels and decals in Australia for a range of applications and businesses.


What are the benefits of resin dome stickers?

●    Premium aesthetics that make your brand stand out

●    Professional appearance and a premium look

●    Durable and long-lasting branding

●    Weather resistant

●    Sensory appeal for a positive brand engagement

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