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We’re leading the way by transforming traditional printing methods for a better future.

Learn more about the Durolenz Sustainability Commitment and Sustainability Credentials below.


Innovative Printing Solutions For a Healthier Planet

Today and into the future, sustainable business operations are essential for protecting the well-being of the planet and humankind. While many industries are doing their bit, the printing industry has often lagged behind. 

At Durolenz, we’re determined to change this — leading the way by leveraging our culture of innovation to transform traditional printing methods and minimise environmental impact for a better future.

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Our Sustainability Commitment

Here’s how we’re incorporating sustainability into every aspect of our operations:

Commitment #1

We’re committed to building sustainable partnerships, and actively select eco-conscious suppliers.

Commitment #2

With an emphasis on quality, all our products are made to outlast the products they’re applied to – eliminating unnecessary waste.​

Commitment #3

We use environmentally friendly materials such as GREENGUARD Gold Certified inks that meet stringent chemical emission standards, compostable bags that reduce plastic waste, and Green Tick recycled acrylic materials made from a minimum 50% recycled materials.​

Commitment #4

We transport all our solvent waste to Tasmania where it is processed responsibly and transformed into bitumen for use on roads.

Our Sustainability Credentials

We’re proud to be SAI Global certified, recognising our industry-leading quality management system. 

Discover how we can help you achieve certification and sustainability targets for a better future and enhanced brand reputation.

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