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Hospitality Labelling Solutions

Durolenz provides custom labelling and printed branding solutions for the Australian hospitality industry.

We can provide everything from tap tops and tap decals to QR code smart beacons to bar mats and bar runners.


Experience & Expertise Serving The Australian Hospitality Industry

Durolenz understands the unique challenges and requirements in supplying the Australian hospitality industry.

Whether you are a small restaurant, large hotel or brewery brand, we have the equipment and expertise to deliver custom solutions to meet your operational and branding needs.


Tap Tops & Tap Decals

Tap tops are an essential feature of any bar to showcase your beer, cider, gin and wine using materials such as acrylic, wood, or plastic.

Alternatively, tap decals utilise labels that wrap around or adorn the tap tops and showcase the brand’s logo, product information or any other message.

We can help you to select the product solution that best meets your needs. 

Two Birds Warrior 2020 Domed Tap Top-1.jpg
Stone & Wood Bar Mat-2.jpg

Bar Mats & Runners

Your bar mats and bar runners are valuable, multi-purpose products. They catch spills and drips from drinks, provide a non-slip surface for bartenders to place glasses, and provide an opportunity to communicate your brand messages in key bar real estate.

By effectively pairing the right materials with your specific objectives, Durolenz can help ensure that your bar mats and bar runners meet your marketing objectives while providing the desired utility in your venues.

Smart Beacons (QR Code Labels)

Durolenz can help you drive efficiency and maximise marketing opportunities, including information and menu access, data collection, and order and payment processing.

Durologic is Durolenz's smart beacon technology, integrating print and digital media to create an immersive brand experience.

Through personalised QR codes and development using leading web technologies, responsive, mobile-friendly landing sites and single-page applications are all seamlessly integrated with Durologic.

QR Technology - Beacons - Me&u.jpg
Table Talker.jpg

Table Talkers & Numbers

Whether it’s for a restaurant, cafe or hotel, a table talker and table numbers can elevate your image.

Durolenz can produce a custom solution that makes you stand out in your market, including bespoke Durologic smart beacon solutions

Tap Holders

While tap holders are designed to secure the handles upright, preventing them from falling and causing damage or spills, they also offer another branding opportunity in your bar.

Whether in a wall-mounted or tabletop configuration, Durolenz can work with you to plan a branding solution for your tap holders that complements the broader bar environment and ensures an effective communication strategy. 


Our Hospitality Expertise

Since 1991, Durolenz has created engaging tap tops used in bars nationwide, showcasing the brands of some of Australia's most recognisable beverages.

After countless drinks poured, these vibrant labels are a hallmark of the quality of Durolenz's innovative printing capabilities, laser cutting, doming, and graphic design and assembly. 

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