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Graphic Fascia & Backlit Panels

Durolenz are leaders in graphic fascias, decal, overlays and backlit custom panels.

Our expert graphic designers can transform your vision into reality through innovative, solution-oriented design solutions.


Illuminate Your Brand With Overlay Back Lit and Custom Panels

Durolenz's innovative products ingeniously meld aesthetic appeal with functional brilliance to create an effective brand solution.

Every panel is meticulously crafted using the highest quality materials, ensuring your message shines brightly even in low-light settings, ensuring impactful visual communications for years to come.


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Quality Counts When it Comes
to Your Brand

Durolenz stands as a beacon of premium quality with its meticulously crafted Overlay Back Lit and Custom Panels, casting your brand into the limelight with impeccable brilliance and clarity. Infused with an unmatched aesthetic allure, these solutions ensure your message emanates with striking visibility even in dimly illuminated environments.


Durolenz, committed to encapsulating the true essence of your brand, utilizes top-tier materials and innovative technologies to produce custom panels that are not only visually stunning but also exceptionally durable. Every design is intricately curated to mirror your brand’s identity, fostering a vibrant and impactful means of visual communication. With Durolenz, you are not merely investing in a product; you are elevating your brand’s presence, ensuring it resonates powerfully and memorably across varied visual landscapes 


and Customisation

Durolenz, synonymous with precision and customisation, brings forth Overlay Back Lit and Custom Panels, sculpting your brand’s visual communication with impeccable accuracy and inventiveness.


Every piece we create is a testament to our commitment to marrying aesthetics with functionality, ensuring your brand's message illuminates powerfully, even in nuanced lighting conditions. Our panels, crafted with elite materials and cutting-edge technology, do more than display - they narrate your brand's story with luminous clarity and unmatched durability. 

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