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Industries We Work With

Durolenz specialises in delivering custom labelling solutions for a range of diverse industries.

In each case, our experienced team collaborates with you to create bespoke solutions that address your unique challenges,

Defence & Heavy Equipment


Durolenz excels in the defence and heavy equipment industry by providing robust, meticulously crafted branding and labeling solutions, ensuring durability and optimal visibility in demanding environments..

Australian Manufacturing


Durolenz has a deep history in the Australian manufacturing sector, delivering unparalleled, customised branding and labelling solutions that provide lasting visual identities in the market.

Corporate & Promo ID

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Durolenz thrives in supplying the corporate and promo ID industries. We offer innovative, high-quality branding solutions that ensure impactful, memorable promo and ID materials that resonate with target audiences.



Durolenz is a market leader in labelling solutions for the hospitality industry. We provide meticulously crafted products that blend aesthetic appeal with functionality, elevating guest experiences and venue ambience.

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