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Name Badges

 Durolenz produce versatile and durable name badges, in various shapes, sizes, colours and backings.

From classic pin designs to magnetic name badges, every item is expertly made from premium materials.


Name Badges That Meet Even The Most Unique Requirements

Durolenz produces custom name badges that help amplify your brand and ensure your employees are easily recognisable. We work with you to create badges that withstand the unique requirements of your environment, whatever they may be. 

First impressions count, so let us help your business make the strongest one possible.

Domed Name Badge

Domed badges have a clear resin coating on the surface, giving them a 3D appearance. This improves the overall facade of the badge visually, elevating your image to the next level.

DIY Name Badge
DIY Name Badge.jpg

Reusable name badges are a cost-effective solution for events or in settings where staffing needs frequently change. We can produce labels with space for you to print names with a hand-held labeller.

Direct Print Name Badge

Premium direct-print name badges are a superior alternative to interchangeable, slot-in name badges. Your company logo and staff name printed onto each badge projects a professional brand image.

Spot Name Badge
Round Name Badge 4.jpg

Button Badges can be made in any size or shape required, giving you the versatility to project your brand image uniquely and creatively. Our team can help bring your ideas to life.

Etched Name Badge

Etched name badges, branded with your company logo and staff names, are hand crafted with a rounded corner for that ultra-premium feel. Choose between a pin, pin/clip, or a strong magnet fastener. 

Custom Name Badge

Whether you’re looking for badges for a specific industry event or a company-wide deployment, our team can work with you to produce a unique branding solution for your name badges.

Corporate Name Badges
for Every Business

Available in a range of sizes, colours and backings, our printed badges are both versatile and durable. From classic pin designs to sleek magnetic name badges, each customisable style is made from premium materials using superior manufacturing methods. Our 2mm thick, high-gloss Durolenz surface coating gives your badges a high-end aesthetic.

Choose from a range of shapes, sizes, background colours (including metallics), and incorporate your own graphics, brand colours, logo and name wherever, and however you want it – it’s that simple! From bold bright graphics to minimal designs, our top-quality pin and magnetic name badges will set you apart from the rest. Better yet, your custom name tags can be ordered in any quantity and we deliver on time, every time.

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