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Custom 3D Badges & Emblems

First impressions count, and nothing pops like a three-dimensional badge's glossy curves.

Durolen'z badges feature a raised, sculpted surface to showcase your brand and elevate you from your competitors.

Elevate Your Brand With DUROChrome Premium Badging

DUROChrome 4D branding is technology at its best! This innovation encapsulates your image in a lenticular emblem, achieving the illusion of floating graphics, giving your brand both motion and depth.

Let our graphic design team show YOU how 3D and 4D branding creates unique branding opportunities

CPS Global Durochrome Badge.jpg

Elevate Your Brand With DUROEmblems

DUROEmblems excels against embroidered, flexible PVC or silicon emblems for its superior fine details, the hundreds of possible metallic effects, and its proven resistance to industrial washings and dry cleanings. 

Durolenz flexible emblems are crafted with premium materials, ensuring a long-lasting and stable finish and protecting against dye migration from the substrates on which they are applied.

Elevate Your Brand With RESIN Script Badging

Incorporating your corporate logo into a resin badge promises to amplify your brand. From garage doors to key tags, promotional products, household appliances and more, Durolenz creates gel badges in Australia for various applications and businesses. 

Durolenz uses the finest raw materials in the world to create durable products that capture attention. Our automotive-grade, ultra-clear, glossy surface coating will magnify and protect your printed image for a lifetime.

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Custom 3D Badges
and Emblems

Take your branding to another dimension.
  • First impressions count - Amplify your brand and ensure that your employees are easily recognisable with quality custom name badges from Durolenz. Our corporate name badges could be exactly what your business needs. 

  • Tactile experience - Unlike traditional 2D designs, 3D badging provides a tactile experience. When people interact with products or materials featuring 3D badging, they can feel the raised or textured elements, which can enhance the brand's perceived quality and uniqueness.

  • Enhanced visual impact - Three-dimensional design elements tend to stand out more and can create a stronger visual impact compared to flat, two-dimensional designs. This can help a brand's logo or emblem become more memorable and recognisable.

  • Brand differentiation - Using 3D elements in branding can help a company differentiate itself from competitors by adding a distinctive and eye-catching dimension to its visual identity.

  • Nobody does 3D like Durolenz - Our custom 3D badges are made from quality materials such as plastic or resin. Used to adorn products, clothing, accessories or items like automobiles and appliances, our 3D printed badges showcase your intricate designs like nothing else.

  • Why choose Durolenz for your 3D badges?

    • Designed and manufactured in Australia by an expert team

    • Made from scratch using the finest raw materials

    • Traditional, gloss, chrome and matte finishes with customisable textures, colours and heights

    • Self-adhesive backing for application to hard surfaces or heat reactive for application to fabrics

    • Fully compliant with industry test specifications

    • Super tough and long-lasting​

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