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Durolenz can help you elevate your brand exposure with fit-for-purpose industrial printed products.

We take the time to identify your needs and work with you at every stage to ensure your satisfaction.


Branding Solutions That Address Your Unique Challenges

From office wall art to automotive badging and name badges, Durolenz has the expertise and equipment to ensure a customised solution that elevates your brand. 

Our experienced team collaborates with you to identify, design, and implement bespoke solutions that address your unique challenges, including those you may be unaware of.

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Precision and Customisation

Durolenz champions precision and customisation, meticulously crafting branding and bespoke products that elevate the hospitality industry to stellar heights. Immerse your establishment in an ambience uniquely yours, with items that whisper your brand’s narrative, from distinctive tap tops and handles to specially designed tableware and promotional signage.


Every piece is a tangible manifestation of your brand, engineered with absolute precision and customised to mirror your ethos. Durolenz is committed to transforming ordinary spaces into exquisite experiences, where every detail is a silent ambassador, harmoniously connecting your brand with each guest.

Fit-for-purpose Solutions

At Durolenz, we don’t just provide products; we deliver solutions that meet the essence of your brief. Collaborative consultation ensures that every step is finely crafted, creating a cohesive and resonant visual identity across your product range.

Our industrial printing services utilise cutting-edge technology to deliver impeccable product aesthetics consistently.


Catering to both small runs and large-scale productions, we ensure every job is an effective and impactful visual communication for your brand.

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