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Making your cider or beer stand out starts with domed labels, customised with your brand’s logo, signature colours and whatever else makes your product unique. To level up your branding strategy and ensure your products pop at point of sale – partner with Durolenz.

As pioneers in the niche label industry, we’re a trusted specialist supplier when it comes to delivering high quality dome stickers. Australia is home to a range of independent brands and craft breweries, and we’re the experts that can help you outshine your competitors with eye catching resin domed labels completely customised to you.

A proven winner when it comes to visual branding, incorporating your corporate logo onto resin domed labels promises to amplify your brand, no matter what. From garage doors to key tags, promotional products, household appliances and more, we create gel badges in Australia for a range of applications and businesses. With over 100+ years of combined staff expertise going into every custom printed dome label that we make; we know exactly what works when it comes to using domed stickers and labels for your corporate advertising. We use the finest raw materials in the world to create durable products that capture attention; think automotive grade, ultra-clear, glossy surface coating that will magnify your printed image, and protect it for a lifetime.


Whether you’ve owned a business for a while or you’re just starting out, you might be wondering which product is best for your brand. Is there a w between a domed badge, sticker, or label? No! In fact, these names all describe the same product! To combat any confusion, note that they are also known as the following: 3D domed stickers, badges and decals, epoxy lens badges, epoxy domes, epoxy dome stickers, clear resin domed labels, stickers, domes, badges. They can also be referred to as bubble labels and badges, gel labels and stickers, poly labels, polyurethane doming, and adhesive 3D gel badges in Australia.


  • Key Tags
  • Promotional Products
  • Cars / Trucks / Motorcycles
  • Ute Canopies
  • Metal Fabrications
  • IT Equipment / Computers
  • Garage Doors
  • Household Appliances
  • Telecommunications
  • Marine & Boating Equipment
  • Suitcases
  • Shower Screens / Windows


Established in 1991, Durolenz an Australian owned and operated company that you can depend on for quality custom resin domed labels. Using cutting-edge manufacturing equipment and the most innovative printing cutting and robotic dispensing (doming) technology, we produce every product to the highest industry standards, at unbeatable prices. If you’d like to see what Durolenz can do, simply call us on (03) 9770 5551 to organise a free sample pack or request a quote online.