Substrates (Stocks)

Duro-Lenz badges are printed on top quality polyester, polymeric vinyl and cast vinyl self adhesive substrates. The adhesives are solvent based or acrylic, are rated as permanent self adhesive materials and designed for longevity, even outdoors. We use them on EVERY job produced.

As an example, our standard white substrate comes with a very aggressive, high strength adhesive which is designed to adhere to most smooth, flat and clean non-porous surfaces.

This adhesive even works well on difficult to adhere to “low energy” surfaces, even powder coated products. We do have an adhesive that will stick permanently to your products.

Our standard stocks include:


Chrome Silver

Brushed Silver

Matte Silver

Gloss Gold

Other stocks for domed labels include clear polyester, 3M reflective substrates and coloured cast vinyls.

For decals, we print on polycarbonate plastics in various grades and finishes. Adhesives are supplied by Avery Dennison and are top quality, automotive grade, pressure sensitive materials.

Additionally, for decals, we print on exotic substrates such as tamperproof (for security labels) and translucent (for back lit panels) cast, self adhesive vinyls.