Doming Specifications



Dorf Label: Circa 1995 and still
working after nearly 20 years

Duro-Lenz uses a two part polyurethane label coating system. This two component resin system incorporates modified polyols and isocyanates to produce the doming liquid. Although working with polyurethane resins is technically difficult, such resins can withstand long term outdoor exposure.

The Duro-Lenz label coating system is one of only a few in the world that will conform to the automotive industry’s specifications for exterior emblems on vehicles.

Because they resist yellowing, Duro-Lenz polyurethane resins are suitable for all product branding and signage applications, including OEM decorative emblems, nameplates and labels.

In addition, the material remains flexible and doesn’t crack, craze or flake. Duro-Lenz polyurethane resins not only weather well but they also block UV light and, in turn, protect the material they cover. This means the base substrate and printed image will survive longer outdoors.

Duro-Lenz conducts its doming operations in a clean room with controlled temperature and humidity. Our doming room maintains a temperature of around 20° C and relative humidity of 50%. Temperature, as you might imagine, plays a big part in the curing process. Curing can actually be accelerated at elevated temperatures. We have a special drying oven for this process.
A domed part’s height will be around 1.8mm. Generally, it’s better to radius rather than square off corners of lettering or graphics. With our latest, state-of-the-art, robotic technology, we can dome difficult shapes, but, the cost per part is higher.

The Duro-Lenz resin system is fully cured after 8 – 12 hours in the oven. After the resin is completely cured, it’s very tough and can even resist scratching and abrasion.