Domed Labels

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As part of your brand strategy, using domed labels as logo emblems for distinctive product branding and corporate advertising is a proven winner. Your corporate logo on any product will never look so good or last so long.

It’s the use of the finest raw materials in the world and the 3-D effect of the finished product that makes the difference.

A Duro-Lenz printed, domed sticker is the ideal corporate branding device. The automotive grade, ultra clear surface coating is not only extremely tough but it enhances, magnifies and gives depth of colour to the printed image that it encapsulates and protects.

As the pioneers in this niche market industry, we are Australia’s specialist trade supplier. Over 20 years of expertise goes into every custom printed label we make.

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Common Terms for “Domed Labels”
Domed labels are known as so many different things, that it can be sometimes hard to understand what a “domed label” actually is.

While we refer to them as labels, they are also known as domed stickers, decals, epoxy lens badges, clear resin domes, bubble badges, gel labels and poly labels – anything that can describe a 3D badge in a fancy way. Sometimes, they get referred to as PC case badges, as they are often used to brand appliances and machinery such as computers.

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