Image is Everything

Corporate identity matters. Better branding means more sales for you!

Duro-Lenz offers you corporate branding devices that will enhance your corporate image.

You will get a “super tough” automotive grade, ultra clear, high gloss, 2mm thick surface coating that enhances and protects your logo or graphic image for the life of the product. This encapsulation process is called “polyurethane doming” and our quality is world class.

Duro-Lenz label printing is distinctive…we are label printers with a strong point of difference!

Is your labelling tough enough for hard working environments?

Product Branding

Duro-Lenz domed self adhesive labels and Duro-Chrome self adhesive 3D emblems are product branding devices that not only look fantastic, but will last a lifetime in all conditions – even outdoors.

Enhance your corporate image using Duro-Lenz doming technology…Image is Everything!

Labels, Decals and Nameplates to Industry

Duro-Lenz supplies self adhesive, industrial plastic labels to the manufacturing sector. Duro-Lenz screen printed polycarbonate information decals and facia panels will last a lifetime in all conditions. Duro-Lenz nameplates are made from anodised aluminium and can be engraved with variable data. Duro-Lenz: the one stop shop for industrial labelling.

Promotional Products

Duro-Lenz magnetic name badges, custom name badges, ID tags, personalised key tags and barcode tags are outstanding promotional products…they will get you noticed more!

Trade Services

Duro-Lenz provides unique services to the label printing, screen printing, signage and promotional products industry. Contract assembly of Duro-Lenz labels to promotional products and polyurethane doming of pre-printed labels are our specialty.

About Duro-Lenz

Built on over 25 years of research and development in quality label printing, Duro-Lenz Pty Ltd is Australia’s leading specialist label printer of domed adhesive labels, decals, emblems and badges. We also produce a range of distinctive promotional products such as ID badges and wholesale key tags.

Structured around high quality, short run work, Duro-Lenz services you with technical excellence and a passion to help make a difference. Our clients tell us it’s amazing what a difference better branding can make to their products and corporate image.

Why Choose Duro-Lenz?

  • We use only the finest materials available, our products are a class above the rest.
  • Our products are tough…they will generally outlast the products they are being stuck onto.
  • From concept to completion, we do it all.
  • We deliver on time, every time.

Our friendly staff will answer all your technical questions and assist you with your labelling needs. Call us on 03 9770 5551 or email